Daily Lunch

P. Lukšio g.32 Vilnius

Daily Lunch

Jogailos g. 4

First Dishes


Primi Piatti / First Dishes     
PARMIGIANA                                              Baked eggplant with mozzarella and homemade tomato sauce                             10,00  
CAPONATA                                                   Italian eggplant stew with olives, capers, pine nuts, ''chili'' peppers, raisins, mint, tomato sauce, roasted almonds                             10,00  
italian potato dumplings with spinach             Choose: the four cheese or shrimp sauce 
LASAGNA                                                             baked in oven lasagne with mozzarella, ''Bolognese'' (chopped beef meat) and tomato sauce                              10,00  
Pasta alla Bolognese
Pasta served with minced meat, grated parmesan and tomato sauce 
                            7,50  9,00  
Pasta alla Carbonara
Pasta served with bacon, eggs, cream sauce, hard italian cheese 
                            7,50  9,00
Homemade noodles                                       With Morchella (Morel mushrooms) and homemade truffle sauce                              9,00 12,00
Pasta di anatra 
Pasta with roasted duck fillet, italian cheese Pecorino, cream and cowberry sauce
                            8,00 10,00
Nero pasta fatta in casa con salmone
Pasta (black color) served with salmon fillet, cuttlefich ink, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, cream sauce, dill 
                            8,00 10,00
PASTA CON GAMBERI                                    Pasta with king praws, rucola, cherry tomatoes, garlic and curry sauce                             9,00 12,00


Our handmade ravioli very important flour quality, wheat and species water purity. They are made from the highest guality wheat flour, fresh eggs and pure water. Therefore, they are especially delicious  
Ravioli con ricotta e spinaci
Ravioli with cottage cheese and spinach filling in sage sauce     

Ravioli ,,Di Bufala'' 
Ravioli with eggplants, tomato sauce and mozzarella ''Di Bufala''

10,00 €
Ravioli with boletus and ricotta filling, homemade truffle sauce

Ravioli with pork and beef meat filling Choose the sauce: ''Bolognese'' (minced meat) or boletus 10,00
Risotto a funghi porcini
Rice with frech boletus and cream sauce Preparation time ˜ 30 min.
 10,00 €