Daily Lunch

P. Lukšio g.32 Vilnius

Daily Lunch

Jogailos g. 4

Main dishes

Roast beef with fresh rosemary and honey sauce


Secondi piatti / Main dishes   
Julienne di pollo
Fried chicken fillet with fresh mushrooms, cream and curry sauce, fried potatoes and fresh vegetables

Roasted duck fillet with apples and cranberry sauce

Pork ribs with BBQ sauce, boiled and fried potatoes, fresh vegetables 11,00 €

Grilled beef fillet / Bistecca di manzo

 • with green butter, boiled and fried potatoes, fresh vegetables                                    with green peppers and cream sauce, boiled and fried potatoes, fresh vegetables                                                                                                            • with fresh rosemary, honey sauce, rice and fresh vegetables salad
Slow brased lamb heel (with bone)                                                                   with boiled and fried potatoes, fried zucchini, green asparagus, cherrry tomatoes and brown sauce 15,00
Slow - brased veal cheeks with Polenta (corn grits pure) and red wine sauce  
                                            • PESCE • FISH  
Shrimp baked in olive oil with garlic and ''chilli'' peppers (serves in the pan)  12,00  
Bistecca di salmone                                                                                      Salmone steak with couscous grain, vegetables, soy and mustard sauce 14,00 €
Cod fillet with shrimps, leek, young potatoes, white wine and cream sauce 13,00 €
Tuna steak with ''Caponata'' (italian eggplant stew with olives, capers, pine nuts, ''chili'' peppers, raisins, mint, tomato sauce, roasted almonds)  13,00 €
 Halibut fillet with shrimp, porcini and cream sauce 15,00 €