Daily Lunch

P. Lukšio g.32 Vilnius

Daily Lunch

Jogailos g. 4



 Salad with grilled shrimp

Salad with grilled chicken fillet


Fresh lettuce, ,,cherry'' tomatoes, cucumber



· with grilled chicken fillet  7,90 € 
· with baked duck fillet 8,50 € 
· with grilled beef fillet 9,90 € 
· with grilled salmon fillet 9,90 € 
· with grilled goat cheese 8,90 € 
· with grilled shrimps, seaweeds, roasted garlic 12,90€ 
 Choose the sauce:  
herbs, balsamic vinegar and honey, soy and lemon, mustard and honey or ,,Cezar'' with anchovies  

Insalata Ceasar
Frech lettuce, pieces of toasted bread, heard italian cheese, anchovies sauce.

· with roasted chicken 7,90 € 
· with roasted bacon 7,90 € 
· with king praws 11,90€ 
NICA SALAD  9,90 € 
Salad with tuna fillet, green beans, romaine salad, quail eggs, boiled potato balls, anchovies, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, soy and balsamic vinegar sauce